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Building the Music Artist Digital Creator Economy

The $SOUND NFT Marketplace is the first of its kind, a true digital creator ecosystem for Artists and Fans alike. Artists can release music, limited edition art, and tickets to shows and events as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). NFTs are digital goods that are unique, limited, and can be bought, sold, or traded by the owner. Ownership of NFTs is verified through the blockchain creating additional security for the owner when compared to physical goods.

Types of digital assets

Music : The $SOUND NFT Marketplace will allow artists to sell their Music, in some cases auctioning off NFTs that include fractional shares of a song or album, allowing fans and investors to invest in their favorite artist as they would a company or index.

Tickets : Artists will be able to sell NFT tickets to their in person live shows and events as well as Meta verse events through the $SOUND NFT Marketplace. NFT ticketing eliminates many of the problems that currently exist within the traditional ticketing industry including theft, the creation of fake tickets, and many other mischievous concerns.

Digital Art : Artists will have the ability to release limited edition art and collectibles on the $SOUND NFT Marketplace. Types of art include but are not limited to, unique limited edition album covers, character collections, Meta verse accessories and articles of clothing, and much more.